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Re: Bleeder mystery

On 2005 Apr  29 , at 4:47 AM, oilheads-digest wrote:

> The BMW  system is a pressure bleeder that uses a special master 
> cylinder cap
> and forces  the fluid down through the system and out the funky 
> fitting.
> Tom  Cutter
> Yardley, PA

Ah ha! Sounds like a speedbleeder-like checkvalve.

But that should still require funky fittings on both calipers?

BTW, I standardized on Dunlopads for my Airhead. Certainly nice looking 
pads (ceramic coating, pretty metal bits), for those who really care 
about "detailing" their brake pads. My guess is that there's no free 
lunch with brake pads (or tires), for a given level of 
engineering/materials smarts, you are pretty much trading-off grab and 
longevity. Take your pick.

Conscientious bleeding (which may take a few re-bleeds - may be a 
matter of luck) is a bigger issue. Not easy to get all the air out of 
some systems (at least for me), especially when fresh fluid is 
introduced, and a little air causes a lot of sponginess. Like some 
joysticks, a good brake lever should be taut, more like a force 
transducer than a distance transducer.

sunny today in Toronto


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