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Re: Oil burning and breaking in

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From: "Ben Barkow" <dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: re: Oil burning and breaking in

> Think crankcase breathing.
> With a boxer, the crankcase volume is compact but the "tide" is
> enormous (the same as the displacement, eh). With too much oil in
> there, you might blow your seals.

Often overlooked, it seems to me. This happened to me once after (I assume)
overfilling by a service shop on my vehicle. I suppose this, because they
also put in an oil filter that <fit> as opposed to the one specified for the
car in question. When I approached him on this later on, he got all

Blew a seal. Most mysterious. Not documented as occuring for this vehicle.

Also, on some motors, too much oil increases motor vibration. Dunno if this
is the case on Boxers.

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929