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Bug and Tar Remover

My experience is the same as Dan's.  Bug and Tar Remover works well on those
hard-to-remove black bits on the exhaust.  However, you have to keep a good
supply of the solvent on the stuff you want to remove.  Small amounts on the
tip of your finger seem to be neutralized quickly.  On my R1150R, I wet a
piece of old sheet with Bug and Tar Remover, and drape it over the can and let
it lay there for five minutes or less.   I then use the rag to rub the
stainless (or chrome?) clean, and all the black bits that haven't already
dissolved come right off with a little more rubbing.  I use this ploy on the
front of the engine, too, wetting the rag enough to make it stick for a couple
of minutes.  I also use Bug and Tar Remover to remove tar on the painted
silver wheels, by letting a drop or two sit on the tar spot for a while and
then rub it off.  I follow the remover up with cleaner/wax.  I assure you I am
not a neat bike freak, but I've found this to be good lazy way to deal with
sticky stubborn grunge.