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Re: Oil Burning

Bob Covey wrote:

>FWIW: I have owned a '96 R1100RT for 4 years and put on 45K of the 85K total mileage. It has consistently used an ounce of oil every hundred miles. Folks who follow me have occaisionally commented on the burning oil smell, but there is no visible smoke or excessive soot buildup on the pipe. 
>Then 6 weeks ago I did one of Reg Pridmore's CLASS sessions at Willow Springs. Every shift was at the redline for two hours. I've subsequently ridden about 1500 miles and I haven't added any oil. The level has dropped from the middle of the sight glass to about one quarter of the glass. 
>Maybe it took 85K to seat the rings. Seems very unlikely, but I can't come up with another explaination. <shrug>
My '97 RT burned oil for the 53,000 miles that I had it[1].  My dealer 
said that I just didn't ride it hard enough.  He was quick to point out 
that he didn't mean I wasn't riding fast enough, just at too high of a 
gear and that I should try keep the RPM's up.  Sounds like you found a 
way to finally seat the rings.

Fare thee well for I remain Falvio and you are my people.
[1] I now have '04 RT