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Re: Aviation Oil

I have a limited reply from my brother about what he does with his 
plane (mid '70's Balanca Super Viking).  Here is what he said, for what 
it's worth.  Note that the price of the oil seems quite reasonable:
I don't have anything authoritative I can send you.  I do recall reading
something which talked about various engine oils (all aviation grade -
synthetic, semi-synthetic, non-synthetic) and concluded that the
semi-synthetic was best.  There is also the recommendation to use
multi-grade in winter and straight 50W in summer.

Beyond that, I would comment re the thread, that the vast majority of
aircraft engines have the propeller bolted to the crankshaft.  Power is
controlled by controlling the RPM of the engine.  Geared propellers are
always geared down, so the propeller turns at a lower RPM than the 
Aircraft engines, almost without exception, are designed to operate at 
RPM of 2700 - 2850 and max continuous RPM of 2500 - 2700.

I use Aeroshell either 15W50 or W100 Plus (100 is 50 weight).

A case costs an average of $40 for 12 qts plus shipping.


Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27