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Guggenheim In Memphis Tomorrow


Join fellow BMW owners who will be attending the Guggenheim Art Of The
Motorcycle exhibit this Sunday, May 22nd at The Pyramid in Memphis, TN. 
Grassroots BMW, BMW RAMS and BMW Of Little Rock will be represented in
Memphis.  Tickets are $15 for adults, $13 for seniors (60+) and $5 for

>From The Pyramid website:

WONDERS, The Memphis International Cultural Series, is proud to present
another in a long line of blockbuster exhibitions.  The Art Of The
Motorcycle, based on the landmark exhibition first presented by the
Guggenheim Museum in New York, examines the motorcycle as an icon of our
times, embodying themes of danger, romance, rebellion and beauty.  From
the dawn of its invention in the late 1800s, to the hi-tech and retro
designs that inspire enthusiasts today, the development of the motorcycle
tells the story of a revolution in style and technology.  The Art Of The
Motorcycle is open daily from 9am to 7pm at The Pyramid in downtown
Memphis through October 30, 2005.  

A group of attendees will be meeting for lunch at 11am at TJ Mulligan's
near The Pyramid, then will attend the exhibition.  TJ Mulligan's is
located one block east of The Pyramid at 362 North Main Street, Memphis,
TN - Phone Number: 901/523-1453.  Their menu can be found at
http://www.tjmulligans.com/menu .  The Pyramid is at N35 09.310  W90
03.117 .  TJ Mulligan's is at N35 09.281  W90 02.918 .

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