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Re: Final Drive & Paralever Bearings

In a message dated 5/29/05 9:39:50 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
tyrohustler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Loctite 2701 is used  to secure the Final Drive and Paralever bearings, and
anyone that has removed  these bearings knows how well the Loctite 2701
works in this  application.  My question to the list is:  Does anyone know
how to  clean/remove the OLD Loctite from both the bearing threads and the
treaded  holes in the swingarm and transmission case before reassembly?   I
haven't been able to find any recommendations on the Loctite  website,
catalogs, etc.  Thanks in advance.  >>

Get a brass or Stainless steel brush ( like a  toothbrush) at the hardware 
store. Carefully trim the bristles so that the brush  will fit within the 
diameter of the threads WITHOUT bending the bristles over  (if they bend they will 
be useless). Heat the part around the thread, and while  it is hot, brush out 
the old Loctite. Then dip the brush in some acetone (or  fingernail polish 
remover-same thing) and carefully clean out the remaining  bits. It asi VERY 
important to totally clean it out. A small hard bit ot Loctite  will DESTROY the 
fine threads in the aluminum if left in there. The only time I  EVER let 
somebody else work on any motorcycle I ever owned, they destroyed my  swingarm bu 
trying to force the paralever pivot pin in through the hard  Loctite.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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