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Re: mounting head protectors on R1100

Robert Silas writes:
 > I meant that anybody can fix a few scratches on his own valve cover.

My RT dropped on its side when my foot slipped while putting the bike
on its center stand.   A bit of rain made the boots extra slippery.
Of course the bike fell away from me, on its right side.   Falling wasn't
enough... it then rocked back and forth making sure that any pebbles on
the parking lot got lots of chance to dig gouges into the valve


Yeah, I could have cleaned it up a bit, but at $84 I figured I'd make
it pretty as new.

Fast forward a year or so.   I see backup lights as I'm doing about
1/2 MPH in a parking lot and hit the brakes, fast.   Too fast.
The front wheel wasn't quite straight.   I didn't quite drop the bike;
more like laying it down gently on the pavement.   I figured another
scratched valve cover is better than a hernia :-)   That valve cover
is still on the bike.   Didn't do enough damage to warrant replacing
it nor have I bothered trying to make it look better.   Unless you
get down and really look, you can't see the scratches, anyway.

I figure that head protectors wouldn't have helped on the first fall.
I also figure that if I had them on the second fall the scratched
protectors would look worse than the scratches on the valve cover.
On the other hand, should I wind up getting a GS I just may use them.
Confused?   I am :-)

// marc