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BMW Motorrad in the news, again

Hello all,

Cycle Canada's June '05 issue has more BMW bike presence as follows:

o Page 8 & 9 (3/4), "HP sauce for the GS", subtitled "New HP2 model
   the first in a series of limited editions." The article features two
   large pictures of the GS. It appears BMW Motorrad is aiming the
   limited edition GS as winning the Baja 500 and other races. The
   article sites that the engineering team was "without the usual
   constraints facing mass-market production models." GS fans
   should check their drooling at the door, as this may mean that
   HP2 model will have limited dealer support. "New" technology
   includes a non-hydraulic gas shock, and traditional forks which
   are more suited to high-travel off-road riding.

o Page 10 features BMW's Airflow helmet which features ample
   doses of a high-tech mesh design for new levels of breathing.
   The helmet passes the ECE 22-05 standard, and is not available
   in Canada. BMW also announced the SportIntegral Carbon full-
   face helmet which weighs in at about 1 kg. That's around 35%
   less than typical full-face helmets.

o Page 27: Full page R1200ST ad "You vs. yourself"

Cycle Canada is Canada's most popular motorcycle magazine. In my opinion, it
is one of the best bike magazines around because they give praise where praise
is due, they name issues rather than painting a bike as garbage, and they
don't engage in the industry hyperbole that you so frequently read in other
mags. You can visit Cycle Canada online at

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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