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Re: Speedometer Accuracy

andrew johnson wrote:

> It's probably off, reading from 5% - 8% high (fast). BMW does this so 
> you can't claim you were traveling faster than your speedo indicated 
> (they don't want to be held liable for your speeding tickets).
> A common fix for the GS 1100/1150 is to take a speedo hub from a 
> spoked R1100R wheel and get accuracy within 1%. The R1100R hub for 
> spoked wheels has a different ratio that almost perfectly solves the 
> problem for the GS.
> http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=701
> Other solutions for cable-driven speedometers use ratio-changing gear 
> boxes to correct for the variation.
Be warned though, the speedos tend to read 5-10% high, but the odometers 
are generally fairly accurate.  If you change the hub or add a box to 
adjust the speedometer, you will likely get a less accurate odometer.  
Up to you to decide which you'd rather have.

Davis Eichelberger