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Re: Starting problem

Mark,  This happened to me several times.  You had flooded the engine 
when it stopped on you the first time.  The fuel injection doesn't know 
that the engine is flooded and can't correct this condition. The proper 
solution is full throttle.  Then, just as you found, the engine will 
fire up.  Be ready though, cause it's gonna rev when it gets cleared 

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Jun 6, 2005, at 12:53 PM, Mark Easterbrook wrote:

> I had strange problem this weekend with my 2000 R1100RT.
> It had not been run for a couple of months (I have been
> using my airhead for commuting because it is easier to
> get through heavy traffic). I gave it a clean and wash
> down, but only with a low power hose. The battery was
> a little low.
> Initially it started but stopped after a few rotations,
> and then would not restart - the engine turned but
> would not fire. As the battery was low I charged it
> for an hour (~2 amps) and tried again. The engine
> turned over but would not fire - there was plenty
> of power in the battery to spin the engine but it
> was not firing.
> I suspected the battery might still be low so I left
> it on charge for about 5 hours, the charger started
> at ~2 amps and dropped to less than 1 amp.
> I tried again but it still just spins the engine
> without starting - however, it did seem to fire just
> once so I started experimenting.
> With the fast idle closed - nothing, half (latch
> position - nothing, fully open - nothing).
> Then I opened the throttle while it was turning
> and it fired once, so I kept turning with the thottle
> open and it eventually started and was quite happy
> to tickover.
> I took it for a few km ride to warm it up and it ran
> perfectly.
> A day later it started up without any problem.
> (Daytime temperature here is in the 15-20 range at
> the moment and mostly dry).
> Has anybody had anything similar. I doubt it was
> water because it has been driven through some very
> wet conditions on a number of occasions and not missed
> a beat. My guess is the fuel injection system
> got confused by the low voltage and a fully open
> throttle somehow reset it.
> I know the ABS does not like low voltage, but I can
> do without it, but the other electronics are a bit
> more important - is it time to for a new battery.
> I know from experience that the airhead batteries
> start to fade after about 5 years, so I guess the
> oilheads might suffer the same.
> Is it worth replacing with one of the new gel batteries?
> -- 
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