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Oilhead wear items


ABSDoug wrote:
>Trying to budget better... need info on any/ all wear parts! Mileage, price,
etc. Thanks!

IBMWR has a great thing you can print out with all the items for scheduled
Oilhead major and minor tune-up maintenance...and how to do most of it.
www.ibmwr.org    Oilheads>Tech   Lots in there about 0=0, GS intake tubes,
alternate plugs, etc.  but one of the first items is standard major and minor
service items.   Just print this out and you'll have a good start on things.

I know you've been around these bikes a long time.  You seem to start by
tearing everything apart and changing it.   I would think by now that you know
more about the insides of an Oilhead than most of the members of this list.
Not sure what you're looking for exactly...an automated spreadsheet?  "
Beeeep...Hey, dummy - Lube your splines!...Beeeep."   Not sure there is
anything out there specifically for Oilheads.   The thing that was brought up
by Steve M requires you to enter in every tank of gas you buy for the bike, I
think.  If you're into the Iron Butt thing, you probably want to get into that
habit anyway.  It works, but it's a lot of fooling around with the computer to
remind yourself of things.

It's probably easier to do minor service every 6K, major service every other
minor service and then a couple big items at 40K, 80K etc.    I'd just write
this stuff on a piece of paper and thumbtack it to my garage wall.   When you
complete a service, just check it off.   Low tech is the best for some things.
You need a system, but a simple one because it's a simple thing.

I have a commercial program for bike maintence.  I don't use it.  It requires
so much input that it's not a time saver at all.   I always put all the
maintenance I do with date and mileage in the owner's manual and I keep that
on the bike.   Tire changes, oil&filter, Valve Adjustments, Throttle Synchs,
whatever.   If the dealer does it, I put that in too.   Gives me a nice
running log of all the service and it takes about a minute to open the book
and write it in there.   Stays with the bike so I can always find it and can
always look back and see when the last time was I bought tires etc.

- -TB