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Re: View from the gutter

In a message dated 6/11/05 12:04:12 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<There is a long and good  track record for the Autolites as well.  I just 
get a
little spooked  when that electrode sticks farther into the cylinder than a
stock plug.  >>

Here's my observation, and I have tuned about  a hundred different Oilheads 
and my ability to OBSERVE is pretty  well-known:

1) Fresh spark plugs always work better than old spark plugs.  

2) There is PLENTY of room to install projected plugs (like the  Autolites, 
though I don't like the finish on them, they rust.) I determined that  the old 
fashioned way: I looked. It wasn't exactly rocket surgery, I just  measured 
into the CC at TDC, and there was about 1/4" of extra headroom.  

3) I have run the OEM NGK BKR7EKC plugs most. I also ran a set of  Autolites 
for about 5000 miles at the insistence of a friend who SWORE that they  were 
the cure-all for surging, world famine and AIDS. The bike still surged  
slightly, same as with the NGK, people are still starving, and the AIDS thing is  
still flourishing. But the plugs rusted. I don;t liek rusty stuff in my  
motorcycle. It just can;t be good. So I went back to the NGK's. Did other tuning  
stuff and the surge si gone, the bike makes 89.6 HP on a DynoJet Dyno vs 86.1  
when it was totally stock, the power is linear and smooth. I get 38-39 MPG from  
every tank when I ride fast. I never ran slow for a tank so I don't know if 
that  would affect that.

4) I noticed an interesting thing. I was servicing a  1995 R1100RSL, and when 
I went to install new plugs, (I always use OEM plugs and  parts on client 
bikes) I realized I was out of the Bosch FR6DDC that are OEM  spec for the 
R1100RSL. I had a pair of the NGK BKR7EKC on the shelf, so I  compared them to the 
FR6DDC Bosch's and they were alittle longer, maybe 5-7 mm  longer tip. I 
checked the CC and screwed them in. The bike ran great. The  customer was VERY happy 
with his service, and when we checked the plugs about  600 miles later, the 
heat range looks to be right on the money.  

Those are observations. They ain't science. Compare  with your own 
observations and your own experiences, and maybe you can derive  some useful 

Lets try to keep the  personality clashes out of this. Everybody can be a 
little annoying at some  point, and some are so annoying that they get thrown off 
list after list. It's  just stupid. 

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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