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Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

Riding in hot weather can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, especially with
the current spate of hot weather.

But there are some gear options that can make this much more bearable.

One option is to wear an evaporative cooling vest. Though cooling vests are
at their best in hot and dry climates, they can also offer benefit in
humid climates. There are quite a few on the market to choose from.

I have a review up on my website for the Joe Rocket Sahara vest.

Though the review deals with one model in particular, the concepts and
comments can be
applied to most quality evaporative vests.

A good cooling vest will lower your level of body heat stress and fatigue.
It will even make sitting in traffic more bearable. Something to consider.

Another option is a good pair of mesh or breathable pants that don't
significantly compromise on safety.
You can definitely be stewing in your own juices when wearing regular riding
pants in more extreme
weather. Again, a good pair of vented pants will lower your heat stress.

As example, I have a review and comments up on the Teknic Supervent pants.


Montreal, Canada
CBR 929