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Re: Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

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From: "Robert Silas" <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Ventillation, on most helmets are badly designed.  The helmet has
ventillation only if the helmet's shield is down, >otherwise the shield
covers the opening for ventillation.

On my Arai, if the shield is up, the top vents are still exposed. Though I'd
suspect the raised shield to deflect flow above the vents. Not easy venting
a helmet as it usually results in more noise.

>I was considering to drill some vent holes in the shell but I don't want to
weaken the helmet.

I have no idea if this would weaken the helmet. But to get airflow, you
would need forward facing scoops.

> Last June (2004) riding around and through Las Vegas I was boiling.

Riding in June in Vegas?  =:O

But it's dry heat.  :)
BTW, that is the ideal place to have a cooling vest.  Very hot and very dry.

>To receive some ventillation, I reclined my windshield (R1100RS) and
exposed my helmet covered head to the wind,   > shield down.  At decent
speed it is almost OK.

In hot weather, airflow is everything.

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929