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Silver is NOT a high-vis color

>My helmet is very light silver colour.  My choice of colour based on the 
> >"being seen" idea...

>Bob Silas


Silver is definitely not a high-vis color!  It's basically the color of 
concrete or dirty tarmac.  Very low contrast with the road.  I have a silver 
car and I always run my parking lights just so people can see me.    Silver 
is, however very reflective and good for keeping cool.   Yellow and white 
are the best for visibility.

I use a black helmet,   For visibility, I have a checkerboard V pattern of 
reflective white on the back that my wife did for me.    I use to have a 
white Arai with a racerboy dragon pattern on it, but I got a lot of tickets 
with it, so I went for a plainer look.  Seems to help.

I've got a yellow Joey Dunlop Arai in XL that sits in the box because I 
heard it's a collector's item and I'm afraid to wear it.

- -TB