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Re: Keeping cool in the Dog Days of summer

Thanks, I was thinking on the scoops myself but I had no idea that they are
available.  I was also considering 1/4" dia. tube "T"-s which would work a
siphons and create vacuum inside the helmet and natural airflow would
I'll look into the "scoop", but I have those 1/4" "T"-s.
Best solution is to ride in the fall and spring, and do the work has to be
done during the winter and summer. 
If I'd buy a new helmet I might do something for ventilation for the old
We could have a helmet for hot and another one for cool weather, in theory
As I said I was in 33 C. heat on the way to Detroit but on the way home,
three days later, the temperature was 14 C. no Sun, no rain.  I had to stop
and put on heated vest.  We can cross any weather even on a short trip.
Bob Silas
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  > I have no idea if this would weaken the helmet. But to get airflow, you
  > would need forward facing scoops.


  I have no idea how serious you are about this, nor how drilling would
  integrity on an 8 yr old shell.
  (But the manufacturers have done exactly that. Drilled the shell.)

  If you need forward facing scoops, you can purchase the parts. For
  you can purchase the scoops for Arai helmets. Though they are expensive.

  Another consideration:
  One way is to force air in (ie with scoops) and have it exhaust through

  Another way is to provide exhaust venting (holes) on the low pressure side
  of the helmet.

  Generating heat and sweat causes positive pressure. This pressure could be
  scavenged out of low pressure vents.

  Determining where low pressure is would be the next step. For sure
  behind the head would be low pressure.
  This venting would provide evaporative cooling.

  Just don't get carried away with this.   <G>

  Montreal, Canada
  CBR 929

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