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Re: 60 MPH Whine

In a message dated 7/18/05 11:32:57 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
jflaughter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<My bike has  developed a whine between 55 MPH and 65 MPH.  Above and bolow
that speed  it sounds normal.  It's an R1100RT 2000 with 48,000 miles.   The
speed of the engine has no affect on the whine and it's the same in  either
fourth or fifth gear.  The wheels spin freely and smoothly and  don't seem to
have a wheel bearing problem.  What else should I  check?>>

Rear drive bearings. Change the rear  drive oil and look for metal paste of 
slivers on the magnetic  plug.

Serve cheesse with that whine...

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