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Re: Disabling self-cancelling turn signals

>The self-canceling feature is a great solution to only one problem: grandpa turning on the signal >and forgetting it.
Thanks Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Forgetting to turn the signal off is most dangerous, so I bought a Kissan Signal Minder and it's a great thing. It turns off in 15 seconds (adjustable), if  I want it on longer I press again, if I want to turn it off I use the turn off signal switch of the '94 RS.  
If I need to turn on the hazard-lights I just press both sides in the same time, I don't have to stretch with the left arm, risking control, to reach the far placed switch of the RS.
The Signal Minder is controllable and I will not make a right turn when the signal showing a left one.  It worth every penny.

>Be happy you don't drive a current generation 7 series -- Once you engage the
>turn signal, you can't turn it off. The computer will determine when it's
>appropriate to time-out the turn signal.

The latest bikes are over stuffed with  "high-tech" gadgets. Personal preference phased out.
Bob Silas