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Re: Bob Silas ' comments

I ordered my GPS (from Montreal) at 2:00 pm and the package was at my door before noon next day.  

Returning from a trip to Los Angeles, while coming through the Canadian Rockies, I noticed that my sound card in the SP 2610 did not work.  From Kamloop, I phoned GPS Central in in Calgary and asked George if he could help me; I would be in their office Saturday AM.  George gave me a brand new unit with the appropriate software and just asked me to mail back the software belongs to the 2610, which I left there.  When I asked how much I owe?? He said "nothing, this is part of the service".  That was just over a year ago.

Lately I had some trouble with my computer and I could not download maps into the GPS.  For help, I phoned GPS Central again.  George told me to mail my unit with its software and the two one-Gig cards to his office in Calgary and he will download the whole USA and Canada for me.  I got the 2610 back in a week or so, all fixed up ....... no charge.  I don't think that I can have better service than that. 

The 2610 is a great machine, I love it.  I use it in my car and on my RS.  Without this GPS I never would have found the address I went to, in L.A. 

Next greatest things to biking are the bike to bike communication and the GPS system.

(I am not affiliated with GPS Central in any way and I have no other reason to recommend their services than helping other bikers with the right choice)

Bob Silas '94 R1100RS (170,000 km)
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  I fully agree.   These people are a model I wish others would follow.  The 
  is a real lack of a Canadian presence  when it comes to internet based 
  business.  I have often wanted to by from a Canadian  outlet and couldn't 
  find one.  This is not an anti American thing, it's just that if it has to 
  go through customs it takes more time and hassle both from the delay point 
  of view and when I have to go to the post office to pick it up.

  > Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 12:53:25 -0400
  > From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  > Subject: Re: New Garmin City Navigator v7 available
  > Steve,
  > Just a note:
  > I bought my StreetPilot 2610 from "GPS Central, Calgary", Canadian 
  > distributor of Garmin.  The best price, the fastest service (less than 24 
  > hrs.) and the best service I ever had from any company.  I had some 
  > problem with the sound card, they gave me a new unit, no questions asked.
  > It worth to check prices, shipment and availability with them before 
  > buying a GPS unit and/or related products.
  > Bob Silas