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I'm sure the shop manual is the ultimate in correct information but for the level of wrenching most people will do, I doubt that they will "destroy" thier bike with anything they would normally run across for normal every day maintanence.  But yes it is always to double check before putting 300 ft-lbs of torgue because of some typo. 
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<<The Hayes manual is superior to  the shop manual,  I have the shop manual 
and it leaves more out than it  addresses.  I think it assumes you have been to 
BMW repair  class.   The manual is more technical than you will ever need. It 
also  comes with a hard cover, for a lot less money.  >>

Thee are a LOT of errors and just plain  misinformation in the Haynes and 
Clymer's manuals. Enough so that you could  destroy your motorcycle if you slav
ishly followed either manual. Sorry, I give  Haynes "thumbs down".

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