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Re: Brake Light Always On...

I've actually seen the front brake switch fail more often,, twice to none for me, but ofcourse I seldom ever use the rear brake...  that switch is also hard to get to to check but atleast it is closer to the light for us sighted challanged ones.

> Fritz: 
> Regardless of which shop manual you buy, your problem is probably in the > area 
> of the foot pedal micro switch. Lots of crud can wash up there. Just > put 
Excellent advice. Extremely difficult for me to see switches due to aging eyesight. 
Since I jsut bought the bike from a dealer, I intend to take it back and see if they can fix it. 
Otherwise, I'll have to get a manual and figure out how to remove and/or replace the switches. 
I willl know more after tomorrow. 
Thanks for the favor of a reply! 


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