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RE: BUNNY: Presidential Wings Columbia - Wednesday Night

Robert thanks for the invitation. There was a time when I would jump on the
bike and be there, but I seems the older you get the more thing get in the
I hope you and everyone that does show it have a great time.


Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm everytime.

Jack Holloway      MOA #64755        Ham Call    KB4PVC
Leesburg, FL
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Subject: BUNNY: Presidential Wings Columbia - Wednesday Night

Presidents and Oilheads,

For those of you in the Columbia, SC area who want to join me for a plate
of wings, I'll be hosting Presidential Wings Wednesday night at 6:30pm
eastern at Hooters on Broad River just south of I-20.  Area Presidents
will be in attendance and as always, I'll be your designated rider.  As
an added bonus, the newest IBMWR Plateholder will be there... perhaps
with the plate on his BMW.

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