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5600 miles on an R1200RT

Well, guys, you're both right.   The GS has better range than I intimated.   I
didn't actually get to ride that one, although I had a good sampling of one in
the French Alps on an Edelweiss trip last year.   We did stop every 130 to 150
miles but I didn't get to see the gas gage on the GS, so I don't know how
empty it got.    I do know that near Wall Drug, I got real mad at my friend
for letting his gas get down to fumes.   I still had a quarter of a tank or
more.   A little over 100 miles worth of fuel according to the computer.   So,
any references to GS fuel range are hereby withdrawn from my story.

I read somewhere that the rubber grommet in the bottom of the fuel neck on the
1200RT, and maybe on the GS, can be removed to allow more fuel in the tank.
I'm happy to report that removing this thing not only allows more fuel to be
put in, but stops the problem of fuel squirting up just before the pump shuts
off.   Also makes the topping up of the last little bit much easier.  No
negative side effects.    I think the grommet is put in there to comply with
USA's unleaded fuel nozzle size requirements.   Just remove the 6 bolts, pull
the top off and remove the rubber grommet.  Replace everything and you're set.

- -TB