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Re: 5600 miles on an R1200RT

> I read somewhere that the rubber grommet in the bottom of the fuel neck on the
> 1200RT, and maybe on the GS, can be removed to allow more fuel in the tank.
> I'm happy to report that removing this thing not only allows more fuel to be
> put in, but stops the problem of fuel squirting up just before the pump shuts
> off.   Also makes the topping up of the last little bit much easier.  No
> negative side effects.    I think the grommet is put in there to comply with
> USA's unleaded fuel nozzle size requirements.   Just remove the 6 bolts, pull
> the top off and remove the rubber grommet.  Replace everything and you're set.

You can just reach in with your fingers and pull it out.



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