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Re: Schuberth

At 04:35 PM 8/12/2005 -0400, Fritz Curtis wrote:
>Hello Oilheads,
>I have a Schuberth Helmet and bought a helmet lock which clamps to the "crash
>bars" on my RT.  The lock slips through the "D" rings on most helmets but my
>Schuberth doesn't have "D" rings.  Have any of you engineered a method for
>locking your helmet that doesn't have "D" rings?  The only way I can see to do
>it is slip the lock through the helmet strap and that doesn't look very
>Fritz in Owosso, MI

   I had to add a spring nickel plated key ring to my Schuberth
and my System IV helmets.  This allows me to use the bag-style
lock or any normal cable lock. Just thread it into the metal clasp
right where the strap connects to your seatbelt latch.