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RE: Coppin out or not????

How about two kids in college that need a steady source of funding?
Maybe in 3 or 4 more years.

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There is no reason not to do it again, unless there are problem like
health and/or finance. Bob Silas '94 RS in Montreal

Minor,Bob wrote:
>There is just something magical about a motorcycle road trip.  The last

>few years I haven't been able to string together a trip longer than 
>about 6 days, but longer is definitely better.  Back when I was 
>teaching high school I was able to put together two 10,000 mile 8 week 
>trips. This was in the summer of '79 and then again in '81.  Oregon to 
>Maine via New Orleans with my bride-to-be who's family lived in Bangor 
>Maine. Man, what I wouldn't give to do it again.