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Re: Introduction

Cees De Groot wrote:
> Hi,
> Just subscribed yesterday, and I wanted to say "hello". 
> "hello"
> So, that's off my chest. 
> I feel a bit here in the camp of the enemy ;-), because at heart I'm
> an Airhead. Alas, I brought my trusty old '88 R80RT to the grave this
> week because a valve crashed the engine beyond economical repair, and
> at the moment I have neither time nor the space to pick the engine
> apart myself, so I traded her for an '99 R1100RT I'm about to pick up.
> Sorry to say so, folks, but the test ride on the R1100RT was nice,
> comfortable, it's nice to toy with an electric windscreen, but
> somewhere the big fun factor of the old airheads is missing. However,
> there's a lot on the bike to make up for it, and as I get to know it
> better I will probably appreciate it more (and maybe it was a dumb
> move to rent an R1200GS first ;-)).
> Anyway, here I am, boxer lover, oilhead newbie, planning not to wrench
> too much - the BMW dealership is not even half a mile from my house
> and I need the bike to commute, it's my only transport - but still
> craving for knowledge about the new machine.
> Greetings from the Netherlands,
> Cees

Welcome to the nice group of oilhead owners.. :)

 From the few years I have been mostly lurking on this list I have not 
noticed any bad feelings against airheads. Who could hate the good old 
granfather... ;) We have sometimes even discussions abou japanese bikes..

The GS was really a bad move, I did it too on test drive day here and 
have been draming about GS ever after. But you can easily cure that by 
trying out some K bike. Compared forexample to K1100RS the RT has a 
big fun factor included (IMNSHO).

btw. If any of you are riding in the nordic countries send me a mail 
and I have a good place to stay for free. I just got my own house 
finished and have few extra rooms to crash in (the whole second 
floor). I'm at Kirkkonummi 30km west of Helsinki (Finland)

/Timo R1100RT