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Re: Introduction

On 8/25/05, Timo Viitanen <Timo.Viitanen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  From the few years I have been mostly lurking on this list I have not
> noticed any bad feelings against airheads.

No, but the other way around.... ;-)

> Compared forexample to K1100RS the RT has a
> big fun factor included (IMNSHO).
Probably. The R1200GS will wear off in a couple of weeks (I hope), and
then I'll be able to appreciate the RT for what it is. Although it
will always stay a heavy machine (280 kg - and that's maybe without
the ABS and alarm system versus 235 for the R80RT and 225 for the
R1200GS), so it'll probably never feel as light and nimble as these
two bikes.
> btw. If any of you are riding in the nordic countries send me a mail
> and I have a good place to stay for free. I just got my own house
> finished and have few extra rooms to crash in (the whole second
> floor). I'm at Kirkkonummi 30km west of Helsinki (Finland)
Thanks. Scandinavia is on my list for a biggie tour, so I might take
you up on that offer :)