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Re: GS Side Case

Tom and all.  This loose mushroom bolt thing is a design problem.  
Don't blame your dealer.  What you may not have noticed is that the 
silver aluminum material you are bolting into is plastic, not metal.  
So even if you tighten the lock nut, it can work loose with time.  You 
need to keep checking.  After you are confident in your adjustment, you 
might want to lock tite.  But some lock tites are not compatible with 
plastic.  I think you would be ok with the blue 242, which will do the 
job here.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Aug 30, 2005, at 3:18 PM, Tom Brown wrote:

> Marc:
> I travelled to Canada with my RT.  My two friends rode an '02 Goldwing 
> and a
> new GS.   The GS had an incident that lunched one of his side cases as 
> well.
> When we were installing the new case, we found that the metal stud 
> that holds
> up the top of the case in the middle, was loose in its thread.   As I 
> recall,
> there was a lock nut or something that was not tight.   We adjusted 
> the stud
> until the bag fit snug, then tightened the lock nut down.   We checked 
> the
> other side and, sure enough, it was not locked down either, so we did 
> the same
> procedure on it.   No problems with loose bags after that.    
> Apparently the
> dealers or the owners are supposed to adjust and lock these studs when 
> you buy
> the side cases.   I never saw the BMW directions that come with the 
> side
> cases, all I know is that both of these metal things were loose on 
> this bike
> and I've heard on this forum of others who've found this as well.    
> I've
> never heard of one actually falling off before you, however.
> -TB