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RE: Whatcha Got There?

The biggest gain from the GS tubes in my view is the elimination of the
flat spot that occurs at 4K RPM.  Your link shows the torque numbers
which confirms what most RS/RT riders clearly feel:  from 3.5K to 4K
torque drops from 89 to 83.  With the GS tubes both the torque and HP
curves are much smoother.  


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I have a page about the GS tubes. It has some info from Lentini and  
some pics I took during the swap out...

94 R11RS

On Sep 1, 2005, at 8:56 AM, Robert Silas wrote:

> John,
> I use those GS intake tubes on my '94 RS for many years.  It gives
> better midrange torque but you'll lose top end speed, it'll still  
> do 125 mph.
> Bob Silas
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>> John:
>>> Original airbox tubes retained with additional sleeves & new  
>>> manifolds.
>> Hey, you've come this far.  Have you tried GS tubes on this  
>> Frankenstein of
>> yours?   They give faster airflow which might help some of your  
>> smoothness
>> issues.   They're cheap too.   Just a thought.
>   No, haven't tried the GS tubes but you're right, they might very  
> well be even
>   more beneficial for me than for a stock bike.
>   Thanks for the congrats. Very interesting treatise on  
> globalization and the
>   marque's latest trials & tribulations.