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Re: Any data???

Well, I for one have very much enjoyed your recent writings, in  
particular the thoughtful article re: globalization and  
manufacturing, keep em' coming...don't worry about the the length, if  
it's just text it's negligible bandwidth and if people think they're  
too long to be read well, they can just skip over it...

Vancouver, Canada

On 1-Sep-05, at 12:58 PM, Tom Brown wrote:

> Dear List:
> Just thought I'd add a couple notes to the curious.
> "Where do I get the time?"
> I have a laptop.  I own my own business.  Stayed in the office by  
> myself for
> two extra hours last night typing.   Just got in the zone and  
> coudn't stop.
> Then edited it at home sitting in the den with my wife, who also has a
> wireless laptop.  The two of us are a sight some nights clicking  
> away.    Glad
> some of you were entertained.  I love this list!  You guys are great.