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Re: A look inside BMW, quality, customers, etc (was "Don't buy a new model BM...

It must be better if it was built in US... Yea right... Aren't 
everything today made in mexico? Oh sorry they all moved up noth so it 
doesn't matter, US or Mexico whats the difference...

The worst two cars I've ever driven are Alero and Mustang. Both were 
almost new with approx 5kmiles on them. I wonder if they build special 
models for Hertz that are only partially assembled and these reminded 
me more of the old russian "quality" cars. As good to drive and the 
same 1inch tolerances on doors etc...

Have we now deviated farenough to stop this stupid thread? Go ride 
your bikes before the summer is over!!! :) :)

/Timo (R1100RT) allready freezing (0C) during nighttime.. :(