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Re: A look inside BMW, quality, customers, etc (was "Don't buy a new model B...

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wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Perhaps your "wonderings" that BMW "underwrote" this book is because it 
 credit where credit was due, and identified a number of good and noteworthy 
 things about BMW (the company), rather than just slamming it as the Evil 
 Creator Of Crappy And Overpriced Vehicles? ;-)  >>

I just didn't find it to be very objective.  What I do find very often is the 
willingness to apply a double standard.  If a $10K Hyundai is in the shop 
every week being adjusted it's a POS but when an $80K E65 is in the shop every 
week being reprogrammed it's because it's such an advanced piece of engineering. 
 I say BS, it wasn't adequately developed before it hit the market.

It's 76 degrees and sunny and I'm gonna go ride my oBMWc R1100RSL which like 
any man made machine has its flaws but I like it a lot anyway.