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Re: Understanding BMW (was "any data?")

I've been having a great time reading this stuff!  Keep it coming.  
Just a couple comments:
- -You can get a test ride on any new model bike up here in New England.  
  No problemo.  Though I wonder if that would be true if your a 22 year 
old with no experience.
- -I too am an Audi fan.   I like the all wheel drive in the hills during 
the snow season.  I didn't even go to look at a Bimmer because of the 
styling, even though the new 3 series wasn't out yet, the 7 series 
styling turned me off to the whole line up.  Particularly when you 
consider the price relative to the A4.  The Bimmer may be a slightly  
better driver, but the Audi is good enough, and has a better feature 
set in my book.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27, '04A43.0

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> -TB