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Top speed for R1100S

Hello all,

For those who are interested, I was able to clock the top speed of my '01
R1100S last week.

The only performance "enhancement" is a Vanderlinde exhaust (AKA Really Nice
Noise Maker), which alleges to add "up to 8 hp", but the Steve Makohin Seat-
Of-The-Pants Dyno can't detect any additional umph. The Vanderlinde chip
also alleges to increase peak RPM to 8,400. The test conditions were as

 o Apparently level road

 o Extremely light wind, if any at all

 o Allowed bike to run up to maximum RPM in top gear, which was an
   indicated 8,000 RPM (approx.), with no apparent acceleration for
   5 seconds (approx). It is possible a slightly higher speed may be
   attainable, at least in theory, by having a longer run under the
   same conditions.

 o Speed was tracked by, and top speed was locked by a Garmin
   StreetPilot III GPS.

 o Top speed recorded by GPS: 217 kph (134.8 mph)

 o Manufacturer's claimed range of error for velocity: +/- 0.05 meters/sec,
   or +/- 0.18 kph (+/- 0.11 mph). However, the GPS display at that
   speed displays no decimals accuracy, so it is reasonable to assume
   as much as a 0.5 kph difference due to a rounding error (e.g., an actual
   speed of 216.51 kph with +/- 0.18 kph GPS accuracy is displayed as
   217 kph due to rounding on the display).
      Therefore, the actual speed, taking the GPS error into account, is
   within the range of  216.5 to 217.5 kph (134.4 to 135.1 mph), one
   decimal accuracy.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada