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Re: site to sell

Oh, and please give a list of accessories that are incompatible so
that we poor R1100RT owners know what kind of second-hand goodies will
flood the market ;-)

Here are the accessories that I have found that are compatible.
- -Helmet
- -Aerostitch
- -Boots
- -High test gas
- -BMW electrical plug

I'm sure there are accessories that are compatible; however, I couldn't take
anything from the 1100 to the 1200. 

As to the comparison of the 1100RT to 1200RT:  The 1200RT solved everything
I had against the 1100.  
- - The minute you crank it up, you feel the difference.  It cranks more
easily with less shaking.
- -1200 is smooth. On the 1100 I always knew when I got over 5000 RPM with the
sound and feel of the engine.  The 1200 is smooth all the way up to red
line.  I find myself riding in higher RPM's. I guess it's the new
counterbalance.  Don't get me wrong, you still know you are riding a boxer
and not a Honda ST.
- - Transmission is incredible, so smooth and easily shifted.  Even the wife
has commented on it.  She likes not bumping helmets on the occasional shift.

- - Gas mileage is 50 MPG from the first mile and hasn't changed. 
- - I had a Corbin seat on the 1100 which was wide at the saddle and made it
feel high.  The 1200 with the lowest setting with a stock seat feels higher.
I have to work at not tipping over
- - When standing over the bike, the 1200 feels heavier.  Yes, I know it's
lighter, non-the-less it "feels" heavier.  Perhaps it's because I have to
stretch to reach the ground.  I'm 5 ft. 9 inches with a 30.5 inseam. 
- - I had Olin shocks on the 1100.  The minute I got on the 1200 and got it
moving, WOW.  It is so much easier to turn in and hold a line.  I live in
the mountains of North Carolina and mostly ride on curvy roads.  The bike
immediately gave a higher sense of confidence in the corners.  I found
myself riding substantially faster in old familiar curves.  It not that I
was pushing it, just that the feel is much more substantial in the curves.
The difference was so great that I wonder if I didn't have my Olin's set up
properly on the 1100.
- -  My wife, who actually gave the bike to me for our 30th anniversary, is
now bruising my shoulder from telling me to slow down in the curves.  She
has never driven a bike, but said she could tell a difference of stability
in the curves. 
- - I had a C.E. Bailey windshield on the 1100 and was very pleased.  I will
probably get a new windshield.  I've talked to other riders who love the
stock one.  I'm sure that's a matter of preference and torso height.  The
wife says it's about the same protection for her.
- - The wife doesn't like her seat. 
- - There may not be as much protection around the legs.  Here, I'm not sure
if I am remembering the 1100 correctly.
- -Did I tell you it's smooth? 
- -I really didn't want the electronic suspension control.  Now that I have
it, I would have a hard time giving it up.  Sort of like giving up
electronic windows and seats in the car once you've gotten used to it. It's
really nice changing it from the comfort setting to sport setting with a
push of a button.  I have also found out that I have come to rely on it when
riding two up or loaded.
- - did I tell you that it corners much more easily and inspires my riding to
higher levels, (that may not be good). 
- - Cruise control works better than my Acura.  It holds to the exact speed.
Didn't think I would use it. Now that I have it... I'm finding that it's
really nice. 
- - Engine is rally smooth, you won't believe it.  
- - Brakes better than any bike I've owned.  Although, servo assisted brakes
whine when applied and are something else to go wrong. The front brake is
linked to the back, the back is stand alone.  I've found that I like this
set up for the power and stability of breaking. 
- - Surging, what's that? It's all gone. 
- - The trunk and luggage is a breeze to open and lock.  Much easier and
doesn't need a key.
- - I got the tank bag.  It's very slick, snap, its on, snap it's off, just
that easy.
- - Speedometer is spot on.
- - Trip computer is nice. It keeps up with mileage, miles per hour average,
two trip meters and temperature of the air.  
- - I like the oil sensor telling me when oil level is low. 
- - The painted luggage is beautiful.  However, I know it's going to get all
scratched as time goes by.
- - Looks.  More people have stopped me to comment on the 1200 than did on the
1100.  However, BMW riders make negative comments. It seems that the BMW
community likes the look of the 1100 style, while non BMW riders like the
look of the 1200. Also, young riders are impressed. That comment is very

I guess that's about all the differences.  I think this is the bike to last
me many years.  There was nothing wrong with the 1100, just all those
niggling little, and Mickey Mouse idiosyncrasies. The 1200 has solved them
for my taste and provided more that I bargained for. 

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