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Off-Topic: lodging needed in Austin, TX


News is still sketchy, but it looks like everyone except my
girlfriend's mother will fly to Los Angeles tonight. Her mother, 80,
apparently is in no condition to travel and needs to stay in Austin.

We don't know yet, because of the problematic communication lines and
the time zone differences involved, where exactly her mother resides,
whether this story is true, etcetera. However, we're preparing to get
my girlfriend to Austin. The idea is to fly to Houston and take a
Greyhound from there - flying to Austin, it not being a hub, is
probably too expensive (one drawback: the plane lands after the
Greyhound leaves - is there other public transport between the

She'll be broke by the time she lands in Houston, and I'd like to keep
my credit card under the 'maxed out' level for other emergencies. So,
my question, is there anyone that could lodge her while she stays
there? It's a bit of a long shot, because we don't know where in
Austin she needs to be and it's not even 100% confirmed that she needs
to be in Austin. However, if we know that she can stay somewhere, we
can just drive to the airport and get her on a plane as soon as (and
if) everything is confirmed..

Sorry for the off-topicness... I'll try to keep it down.

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