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TPS voltage

> Hi Clive,
> I've read that TPS should be about .370, but it's good to hear that
> others are lower too.  Thanks,
> John Van Deren

The TPS senses and communicates the butterfly angle to the ECU. It also  
telegraphs the rider's expectation; I hope somebody who understands  
that better will enlighten us as to how that is managed by the ECU.

The spritzer provides more gas as the butterfly is opened, as qualified  
by the logic , other sensors on the bike, and ROM data in the ECU.  
Since many bikes need enrichment to avoid surging and otherwise be more  
tractable, some folks give the TPS an extra twist (which results in  
higher voltage at idle... like the magic .385 volts). This gives the  
ECU the impression that the butterfly is more open than before the  
extra twist was made and enrichens at every angle of the butterfly and  
speed of the bike.

The ECU can't believe you really mean to be idling unless the voltage  
drops below .4 volts; so keep it below.

The right voltage is the one that makes the bike run nice and doesn't  
waste gas.


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