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Re: Brake problems.

In a message dated 9/7/05 2:09:03 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
absdoug@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<While changing brake fluid  (bleeding brakes), managed to let air in the 
system (rolling my eyes). I feel I  have finally gotten all the air out. Weird 
thing going on: the brake leaver  occasionally would compress almost ALL the 
way. If you squeezed VERY slowly,  same thing. Can't make it happen now, except 
squeezing slowly makes the leaver  compress almost all the way. I think I know 
what is up, but I want to hear some  input... < 2 yr old master cylinder and 
this all started happening after new  fluid. Thanx!>>

Sounds like you still have air  in the system, or there is a loose connection 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA