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Re: Help with parts cross-referencing

Hi Tom,
Thanks, I've got the notes from Geoffrey Greene on using a later model RS's frame on an earlier model, mine is of '94.  The note is the same which he received from your customer.  I did not hear from Dana Hager, but I have the answer anyway.
I am planning to leave Montreal at the end of the month, on my '92 K75s, for Denver and California.  Just in case, where are you located???
Thanks again
Bob Silas
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  Hello  Tom,
  I read your note about the changes made to the rear (or back) frame of  the 
  RS after '94.  I need a rear frame and I would appreciate if you  could get me 
  in touch with your client who knows the consequences of using an  improved 
  Thanks in advance
  Bob Silas

  Did you get a note from Dana Hager?
  Tom  Cutter
  Yardley,  PA