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Re: New Guy

The rattling disk seems to annoy everybody but me, I think I keep it that way just to aggrivate my anal retentive friends.   Actually I did just buy replacement pins but haven't put them in yet.  my bike has 75K on it.  They were about $3 ea and takes a dozen.  You will also need snap ring pliers ( good ones!)
Actually be happy you have floating disk, my friend who has fixed disk just spent $200 per disk to get rid of the warpped rotor which manifest it self as pulsing in the brake lever.  The floating disk track truer thru the brake calipers since they aren't fixed to the wheel.  So I would say ride it as long as you want to and replace them when you get around to it.
Enjoy the new bike, did they let you keep the flashing lights and siren?  You got a great bike there, I love the idea of the fan behind the oil cooler.   Does yours still have the second battery too?
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New (2001) R1100 RT-P for me!  While lurking on the list I discovered the
phenomenon of "floating" brake disc pads.  I noticed myself when moving from a
dead stop after firm application of brakes that there seemed to be a kuh-link
as if the sidestand was retracting which it was not.  I noticed a guy in the
parking lot one day after breakfast walking around jiggling the discs on all
the oilheads and asked him what he was doing.  Evidently he was concerned
about the same thing but at the time I did not associate it with my "rattle".
Any thought?  Is there a "fix" Do you just ignore it?  Thanks in advance for
any response.