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Re: Mayer's and Russell and Corbin... Oh My!

Hi John:

I have also owned several Corbin seats (still have two), and several Russell 
seats, including the one I have on my R1100RT and another solo Russell on my 
R100GS. There are several good aftermarket seats available including Corbin, 
Bill (Rocky) Mayer, Sargent and of course Russell.  In addition, if you need 
a backrest, Russell has the best system on the market, with Corbin a close 
second. Russell seats are not inexpensive, but they are clearly worth the 
price. My conclusion is the Russell seats are the most comfortable, period, 
with Bill (Rocky) Mayer in second.

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Subject: Mayer's and Russell and Corbin... Oh My!

>I have had three Corbin seats and a Meyers.  I didn't particularly like the
> Bill Mayer's seat.   The Corbin seats were a little wide in the saddle and
> made it a little difficult to reach the ground.
> I traded my 1100 RT on a 1200RT and need a more comfortable seat.  What
> experience have you had with the Russell Day Long Saddle?  I ride a lot in
> the mountains of NC, TN, WV and Kentucky and tend toward the slightly
> sportier ride and am afraid that the Russell might anchor me in the saddle
> too much.  Non-the-less, my main concern is for comfort.
> 1200RT
> F650
> 650 V-strom