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Re: R1100S questions

> o Some folks swear that if you let your bike rest on the side-
>   stand for a few minutes first, that will drain the oil from the
>   oil cooler to the oil pan. Put it on the center stand and let it
>   rest for 10 minutes, and then take a reading.

That worked on my R1100R, but so far, does not appear to work on my

> o My rule of thumb is to not fill above "1/4 low", and top up
>   no later than "3/4 low". This easily compensates for
>   inaccuracies due to oil pooling and collecting in places other
>   than the oil pan.

I never add until it reached the bottom and I never fill it above the
1/2 mark.  That will avoid over-filling

>> Am I correct the engine wants 93 octane gas?
>According to The Writ Of Holy Wisdom (AKA "The Book"), use only unleaded 
>super (premium) grade fuel with a minimum octane number of 95 (RON) or 85 
>(MON). The bike is quipped with a knock sensor that will compensate for 
>lower quality fuel, but why tempt fate, eh?

Technical stuff:
- - In the US, the reading on the pump is (RON+MON)/2.  With the numbers
Steve has provided, that comes to 90.   
- - The sticker next to the filler opening on my 2004 R1100S indicates
89 octane.  
- - As a bike ages and carbon builds up in the top of the cylinder, the
compression ratio increases and thus requires higher octane. 

Practical stuff:
89 will work fine.  A simple test is to fill up with 2 or 3
consecutive tanks.  Listen closely for pinging.  If it pings, you need
higher octane.  

To add further confusion:
Using higher octane uses more of your $$$ and doesn't give anything in
return.  On the other hand, at 4 gallons/fill, and assuming
$0.10/gallon increased cost for Premuim, the $0.40 increased cost to
fill the tank isn't likely to break anyone's wallet.  If Premium make
you feel better, use it.  

I use both Premium and 89.  It depends on how pissed I am at gas
prices when I fill. 

As has been pointed out elsewhere, there is no knock sensor.  

Wayne Woodruff