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Re: R1100S questions

In a message dated 9/26/05 2:51:52 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Steve,  Thank You,  Thank You, Thank You.  Your comment below has 
answered a long standing  question for me.  All my life, people have 
asked me if I'm from  Canada.  Never understood why.  But I do say 
'aboot'.  Or, at  least a close approximation.  This comes from my 
mothers side, where  her parents came over from Scotland.  They had the 
full accent, and my  Mom picked up a bunch of odd pronunciations, 
'aboot' among them.  So  perhaps I picked up a bit of that, and there is 
why people ask me that  question all the time.

Funny how these things just come out of the wood  work when your not 
looking for them.  Thanks  again.>>

My kids comment that I say "aboot" and "oot" for  "out". I grew up in 
Centeral New Hampshire, aboot 100 miles from Canada, and  there was a pretty healthy 
Canuckian population by us. I kind of like the way  they talk. Always makes me 
feel like I'm among friends, for some strange reason.  Maybe because they 
always are offering hospitality. That's a nice thing,  eh?

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA