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Re: R1200GS

Robert Silas writes:
 > As I heard you cannot tap into the R1200GS' electrical circuit at all, it
 > would mess-up the whole system.  I know nothing closer in this subject but

Relays are your friend.    I've motolights with power directly to the battery
but control taken from a wire in the diagnostigs plug which is only hot when
the ignition is on.   Lots of info at http://www.r1200gs.info/

Many have tied extra lighting (using a relay) controlled by their high/low
beam switch.   It's easy to do.

The hard part on a GS is finding space to route the wiring.   It's tight
in there :-)   Info on mounting my motolights can be found at

And there is always the accessory socket.   You can power just about whatever
you want from the accessory socket.   In effect, it's the accessory socket
that powers my GPS and radar detector.

// marc