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Re: All this Oilheads traffic

Rain? Well here in the Bay area we had it open up one day a week or 
so ago and drop a little bit on us. But that was after a sunny 
morning no rain ride to work and allowed for a sunny afternoon no 
rain ride home from work.

I think it rained back in April but that was so long ago I can't be to sure.

If you are looking for good weather to ride in drop by the Bay Area, 
It's already equipped with great roads to ride on:)


At 03:21 AM 9/27/2005, Wayne Woodruff wrote:
> >What, has it started raining already?
>Rain?  what's that?  We had out first rain in a month last night.
>Perfect timing.  No lost riding time :-)

2002 R1150R
BMWMOA # 117910
San Francisco, CA