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Re: R1200GS

>> I do have one other question.  I went to hook up my twin max and 
>> though there is
>> ports for it, one has a hose on it the other doesn't.  Do I need to 
>> leave the
>> hose connected ( tee in) while I twin max it?  I also noticed there 
>> is no
>> lowspeed mixture screw.  It now seems to be replaced with automated 
>> idle mixture
>> devices which must do the same thing.  Am I correct?
> You don't have to worry about any hoses. Just connect the two intakes 
> for the
> balancer unit to the nipples on the TBs and have at it.  The fact that 
> stepper
> motors control the idle balance means that you will only be 
> checking/adjusting the synch
> somewhere above idle. I like to do mine at about 4000rpm. Others perfer
> elsewhere.
> Bob
When you think about it, pretty weird to do the tuning for idle (and 
4000 rpm without a load on the engine is barely cracking the 
butterflies open either). Tuning should be for running conditions, not 
for great idling; tuning for idling is only a proxy for running. Best 
to use dual vacuum gauges (or far second-best, the 9v TwinMax) and go 
riding to check/confirm the idle synch settings.

For sure, you don't want any uncorked leaks into the maninfold! If the 
fume-inhaler has been excised, install a cross-over balance tube rather 
than the caps.

BTW - this list is really lucky to have David Paulus join us. He brings 
a cracker-jack knowledge of automotive engineering combined with much 
real-world experience. Nobody should casually disagree with him but.... 
I just finished an Expert Witness report for a little girl plaintiff 
who was injured riding a bicycle that was too big for her. With 
masterful technique, people like David can manage a tall bike but 
that's not the same as saying it is a good idea to have a bike which is 
too tall. I always admired the briefly offered R80ST which combined 
features of the GS without overdoing the off-road-ready illusion.

Toronto - only 3 months left to this year's riding season in Toronto


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