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Re: BUNNY: Dayton, Ohio Area Oilheads

Regarding my previous letter....
I checked it on the map and found that Dayton is very far out of my route.  I'll be crossing the border at Niagara Falls, head to Cleveland, Chicago, Denver.  Sorry, this time I cannot pass by your area but I hope I'll have a chance for a rain-check.
Bob Silas
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  Subject: BUNNY: Dayton, Ohio Area Oilheads


  My next computer programming gig starts Monday in Dayton, Ohio and will
  last for up to two months initially.  Jill McCarley moved away to Texas,
  so I don't know any BMW owners remaining in Dayton.  I do know quite a
  few in Cincinnati.

  If you are in the Dayton area, please write to me offline.  I intend to
  resume the tradition of the semi-weekly IBMWR Presidential Wings (Dayton
  has two locations of Hooters) in Dayton with some weekend lunches at
  Skyline Chili, Graeter's or other venues in Cincinnati.  I can host
  visits to the Air Force Museum or other cool sites in the Dayton area,
  plus have that trip to the Newport, Kentucky Aquarium that I didn't get
  to when I was working in Indianapolis.  I'll also be traveling to
  Columbus for hockey games now that the NHL is playing again.

  I hope to see you on my return to the great white north.

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  ... on assignment in Dayton, Ohio


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