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Re: Bike cover for a R1100S? Helmet lock?

On 10/3/05, Dave Blumgart <DBLUMGART@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... Do any of you have experience or
> recommendations regarding outdoor fabric motorcycle covers for a R1100S?

BMW makes a cover, kinda pricey but it fits very well.  I have one but
have only used it a couple of times.  I live on long island sound
about 10 feet from the water and my bike lives outside.  There is some
rust on the cheesey fasteners the EPA has required BMW to use.  Other
than that I see no adverse effect from living outdoors.  What ever
cover you eventually get ensure it has adequate ventilation.

> Also:  ... or is
> there no helmet lock on the 1100S?

Isn't that what the funny looking open loop black wire thingie just
above the attach point for the lefthand passenger peg might be for?

- --
cheers... jack